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A New Model of Juvenile Justice

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We are excited to announce the release of A Culture of Care for All: Envisioning the LA Model, a new approach for treating youth who are incarcerated, published in partnership with The California Wellness Foundation.

This report, written by Hailly T.N. Korman (Bellwether Education Partners) and Carly B. Dierkhising (California State University – Los Angeles) captures nearly two years of thought, and collaboration by more than 100 stakeholders to articulate a shared vision of a new model of juvenile justice in Los Angeles, known as the LA Model.

The LA Model has ten essential elements and is replicable across the country. It is both informed and innovative, built on the latest research as it draws on promising practices across the country. But it also includes components not found in other corrections systems. For example, in addition to supporting healthy relationships and agency collaboration, the LA Model prioritizes academic achievement and engagement, and it positions education providers as fundamental to the rehabilitative program.

The LA Model will be piloted at Los Angeles County Probation Department’s new facility constructed on the site of the former Camp Vernon Kilpatrick in Malibu, slated to open in April. But the model is intended to be implemented throughout all county juvenile facilities.

Click here to download A Culture of Care for All: Envisioning the LA Model.

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