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Implementing SB 439

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Senate Bill 439 went into effect on Jan. 1, ending the prosecution of children under 12 in juvenile court; but counties have until Jan. 1, 2020 to develop an implementation plan that actualizes this vision.

CDF-CA is supporting the implementation process at the state and county levels. At the state level, we are working with partners to create an implementation guide that will help county officials create their plans. We will also be providing individualized support to those that require it. At the county level, we have already supported the creation and distribution of a temporary implementation guide. Currently we are collaborating to create a permanent guide and planning several convenings to engage and educate the community on this policy change.

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Today is Children’s Health Day and this is my story … I had a speech impediment as a child. As a result, I was embarrassed to speak up in class. It wasn’t until the age of 24, when I had comprehensive health insurance, that I was diagnosed hard of hearing in my left ear by an ear, nose and throat specialist. It all finally made sense. At Children's Defense Fund-CA (CDF-CA), I advocate so that children of color do not grow up without access to healthcare. I make sure working families know about and enroll in programs like Medi-Cal so their children can see a specialist if they need one and not have to wait years like i did. CDF-CA works to protect, improve and expand health coverage for children and families of color who need it the most. Children in California should [...]

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Four years ago, Erica Cortez graduated from John C. Fremont High School and was a Children’s Defense Fund Beat the Odds scholarship recipient. While in high school Cortez participated in the financial aid workshops, college counseling sessions and any other life skills or mentoring opportunities the program offered. She also received a little financial support during her first year at Occidental College. But what has been most helpful is the emotional support she has received from Children’s Defense Fund-California staff throughout her college experience. “I’ve gotten other scholarships and been in other programs and none of them really care like CDF-CA,” said Erica, 22. “They just give you money and that’s it. But that doesn’t really help you in the long run. They have mentored me on what I should do and the best route to take in my life.” That mentorship led [...]

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