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Thank you for answering the call

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Stand with Obama

A couple of weeks ago when President Obama made a courageous step and banned solitary confinement for juveniles in the federal prison system, we put out a call to action. We asked you to join us as we urged Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature to follow the footsteps of our nation’s leader and end this inhumane practice. You stepped up!

Our plan is to print copies of your letters and take them on our legislative visits to members of the California State Senate and Assembly; we will take them to key committee hearings; and we will use them in any way we can to reach our goal. Our voices is louder and actions stronger when we fight together. Ending youth solitary confinement is one of our goals for this year and with your support we will succeed.

Thank you for answering the call; it won’t be the last as there is a long road to justice for California’s children. Your support is crucial to our success.

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