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  Building California’s Future: A Voter Guide to Championing Policies That Improve the Lives of California’s Children

The goal of this election guide is simple: to champion policies that improve the lives of California's children, particularly those who have been historically marginalized. We hope the information will make it easier to identify worthy candidates who understand the challenges facing children and families, and who commit to taking action to level the playing field for California's children, particularly poor children and children of color.


  Trauma Impacts Our Education (Equity Index Infographic)

The Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach (BHCLB) Youth Committee and Parent Organizing Workgroup have collectively engaged thousands of students, parents, and community members since 2011. We support stakeholders' meaningful participation in the Long Beach Unified School District's (LBUSD) processes - especially Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) decisions - to ensure every student is healthy and thriving at school.This Equity Index of Supplemental and Concentration Funds Target Schools was created specifically for LBUSD by BHCLB with support from Advancement Project. The Equity Index builds upon LBUSD's current list of high need schools, based on the concentration of high need students per school site, by also including academic and neighborhood indicators that affect student learning and are of concern to constituents. Download

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